Profile Of Reynold Poernomo, 'King Of Dessert' Who Failed Three Times To Win Australian MasterChef
Reynnold Poernomo (Photo: Instagram/@renoldpoer)

YOGYAKARTA Profile Reynold Poernomo is in the spotlight again because he failed to win MasterChef Australia. In fact, Arnold Poernomo's younger brother has participated in the competition three times.

It is known, recently Reynold returned to the Australian MasterChef event specifically for a dessert aka dessert. However, he again failed to become a champion when he was already in the grand final round.

This made his name widely reported. Because, Reynold is known as a chef who is good at making desserts.

So, what is the figure like? Check out the information about Reynold Poernomo's profile in the following article.

Reynold Poernomo is the youngest son of the couple Junarmo Poernomo and Boyke Balada. He has two older brothers, namely Ronald Poernomo and Arnold Poernomo. You need to know, Arnold is a very famous chef in the country.

Reynold was born in Surabaya on December 4, 1993. He lived in the City of Heroes until he was six years old.

In 1999, Reynold and his family moved to Australia and grew up there. His love for food was also brought by his family. Reynold's parents are known to work in a restaurant. While his two brothers are also in the same field.

Reynold began to love the world for cooking when he was a teenager, or more precisely when he was 14 years old. He likes to make unique foods with his creativity. He did this after learning to cook self-taught.

In 2015, Reynold participated in MasterChef Austalia season 7th. In the cooking competition, his name immediately became a lot of talk because he managed to serve an extraordinary dessert dish. In fact, he was nicknamed the 'King of Dessert' in the competition.

However, Reynold was only able to finish in the last four and had to give up the Australian MasterChef trophy.

Next, Reynold opened a restaurant with his mother and two brothers, namely Ronald and Arnold. The restaurant is named KOI of Dessert Bar.

Reynold's restaurant provides various desserts and cakes for people in Australia.

Because his name is already known to Australians, Reynold's restaurant became very crowded.

In 2017, Reynold expanded his business to become bigger and changed his name to KOI Dessert and Kitchen. In the same year, he and Ronald and Arnold also founded another restaurant, Monkey's Corner. This restaurant offers creative cocktail creations as well as modern dishes with a typical Japanese touch.

In 2020, Reynold Poernomo will return to the Australian MasterChef Back to Win event. This event invited the previous favorite contestants who had not won to return to play. Unfortunately, this season, Reynold's move was stopped in the last three, aka the top 3.

Until finally he returned to the MasterChef Dessert Master. However, in the grandfinals, Reynold had to admit the greatness of Gareth Whitton who was chosen to be the winner.

Even so, Reynold Poernomo's career in Australia is quite brilliant. He was invited several times to local television shows there. In addition, Reynold also has a YouTube channel with 593 thousand subscribers.

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