Know Which Is The Most Delicious, Matcha Or Ocha?
Illustration holding brewed green tea (Pexels / Charlotte May)

JAKARTA - Both, matcha and ocha, are made from the same type of tea leaf. But the way of processing, taste and utilization is different. How is it processed and which one does it most enjoy brewing? Here's the explanation!


Matcha quality green tea leaves are then ground into tea powder. Brewed during the tea ceremony. Matcha smells good and is also used for flavoring foods, such as ice cream, cakes, cakes, biscuits, candy, wagashi or various traditional Japanese cakes.


The term ocha may feel foreign to green tea. This is why many are confused and still think that the two are different. Ocha is Japanese for green tea. The shape still looks like dried tea leaves, so you can enjoy it with hot water.

The difference between matcha and ocha from treatment, manufacturing process, and brewing method

Not only served hot, ocha can also be enjoyed cold. Ocha color is clearer and more greenish yellow. As for matcha, the color is darker. Even with the texture when brewed, the water is thicker than the ocha brewed water.

Since the process is twice as complicated, matcha is more expensive than ocha. Making matcha starts from picking quality tea leaves. After picking the leaves are steamed and dried. The grinding tool is special, from stone to fine leaves like flour.

Apart from the above differences, ocha has various types. Ocha which has a sepet taste when the tea tree is exposed to a lot of sun. So, in some areas in Japan, plant tea trees in closed rooms to reduce the sepet taste from the high tannin content.

Quality matcha has a sweet taste and is not as spicy. Well, one type of matcha called koicha and usucha is usually served during tea ceremonies in Japan. Koicha is thicker than usucha. However, in making usucha go through the koicha and stir until the texture is thinner with a tool called a chasen.

perbedaan matcha dan ocha
Illustration of churning matcha (Pexels / Charlotte May)

Based on the health benefits, ocha and matcha have the same content. However, matcha has a nutritional level 10 times higher than ocha. Matcha also contains 137 times more antioxidants than ocha.

Finally, the tools for brewing matcha and ocha are also different. According to the tradition in its native Japan, ocha is brewed in a teapot called kyusu. The majority of kyusu are made of clay, the aim is to withstand heat well and withstand high temperatures.

perbedaan matcha dan ocha
Teapot illustration (Pexels / Tima Mironischenko)

Whereas matcha, brewed in a small bowl and stirred with chasen, warm matcha is ready to be enjoyed.

Which is more delicious, matcha or ocha? If you need a boosting-up energy from high caffeine and like tasting, ocha is most delicious.

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