June & Kopi, The First Indonesian Film About Dog, This Is The Filming Story
June & Coffee scene (Aurora Films / Netflix)

JAKARTA - Acha Septriasa & Ryan Delon were brought together in a new film project entitled June & Kopi. This film tells the story of a family who start their life with the presence of a dog.

Today, Monday, January 25, the two main characters, along with the director of June & Kopi, Noviandra Santosa, held a press conference regarding the production process of this film. June & Kopi is the first film in Indonesia to tell the relationship between dogs and their owners.

The training was focused on June and Kopi's dogs who were going to act. It is known that the time to train these dogs is around two to three months. Filming was carried out around 2019.

"I am amazed at June and Kopi, which may seem like they are shocked, but scene by scene they really are presented with whatever we give," said Acha Septriasa, who played Aya.

Ryan Delon, who has seven dogs, admitted that he had no trouble. In fact, he was enthusiastic because there was a film about dogs for the first time in Indonesia.

“I am very excited for the first time there is a film about dogs. Not many people know that a dog is part of the family, ”said Ryan Delon, who played Ale.


The players also felt a variety of challenges when acting with dogs, for example, trying to keep the dogs from feeling tired.

"It is important to keep the dog in good condition, so always prepare ac (air conditioner) and water. Their behavior can also be seen by trainers, ”said Noviandra Santosa, who is also a dog lover.

Because of this, June & Kopi has a stunt double to adapt to their conditions. But overall the dogs that appear in this film are well looked after and cared for.

June & Kopi tells Aya who meets a dog named June on the highway. Aya chose to bring June home even though they already had coffee in their house. On the other hand, Ale doesn't like June's presence. But an incident unites them with June & Kopi.

Through her latest film, Noviandra Santosa hopes that humans can live side by side with other living things. This was also agreed by Acha and Ryan because they considered all living things deserving of equal life on this earth.

The June & Coffee films will premiere January 28, exclusively on Netflix.


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