Quick Tips To Tidy Up A Messy House
Illustration of cleaning the house (RODNAE Production / Pexels)

JAKARTA - Maybe you rarely clean up your house because you are busy with activities or feeling lazy that never goes away. However, these activities must be carried out so that the dwelling is comfortable and clean.

When tidying the house, one thing you always experience is you are confused about where to start. Here are some tips that you can apply when you start cleaning:

Get rid of excess items

The room will look congested when many items fill the room. Just put down some of the items you love, then donate others. That way the house looks spacious and doesn't pile up with unused items.

Choose those that haven't been used for more than a year

Choose any items that you haven't used in more than one year. Then get rid of the item.

Portraits of nostalgic items

Try to think practically by photographing memorabilia and making it a special album. Then let these items be donated as memories. This technique also applies to documents. Get rid of any old receipts, bills, or papers that have been stored for years and try to save them online.

Put the items back in their place

After using the item, put it back in place without delay so that no items pile up and fall apart.

Prepare a drawer

Nothing can be perfect in creating a clean house. That's why you need a special drawer or cabinet that can be used as storage, until you have time to sort and return to their respective places.

This drawer can be a drawer on a TV shelf or a large bamboo basket with a special lid to a drawer in the garage or in the corner of the house.

If you are good at choosing baskets, baskets can also be used as decorative elements. If time is urgent, put everything in this drawer or basket to create an instant clean house. But remember to clean the drawer again.

Take advantage of vertical space

Apart from drawers, you can also take advantage of the vertical space at home as a place to put things. Vertical space can be used as a place to store items so that the main room looks more spacious.

Focus on each room

Focus is needed when cleaning every room. Avoid cleaning from one room to another at the same time. Try to stay focused on one room before moving to another room. That way, you can concentrate perfectly and don't lose focus.

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