Ali Topan Actor And Songwriter Of Sabda Alam, Junaedi Salat, Has Passed Away
Junaedi Salat (YouTube bethany jakarta)

JAKARTA - The sad news for the Indonesian entertainment world, senior actor Junaedi Salat passed away, Monday 18 January. This sad news was first discovered through a message distributed by Junaedi Salat's relative, Mulyo P.

"Has been summoned back to the house of Heavenly Father: Mr. Djunaedi Salad today, Monday, 18 Jan.2021, at 20.09, at PGI Cikini Hospital," read the message sent to the media crew.

Evry Joe, Chairman of Parfi, also confirmed the news. "I received news from several people, he has passed away. I express my condolences, I hope you will be calm there, Bang Junaedi. Thank you for entertaining us, I hope your acts of worship will be a noble reward," continued Evry.

Juanedi Salat is known for his role in the film Ali Topan Street Children. The man who was born in Lampung, September 2, 1950 has played in 20 film titles throughout his life. Among others, Girlfriend Choices (1975), Puberty (1978), Looking for Love (1979), Dabbing (1979), Gita Cinta from High School (1979), Teenagers at Red Light (1979), College Girls (1979), At the End of the Night (1979).

Debuted through the film Aku Tak Berdosa in 1972, Junaedi reached the peak of his career when he was known as Ali Topan in the movie Ali Topan Street Children in 1977. Junaedi really enjoyed this role because he really had a hobby of riding motorbikes.

Apart from playing movies, Junaedi is also active in singing and composing songs. Together with Yockie Suryoprayogo, Junaedi composed the song Sadba Alam, which was popularly sung by the late Chrisye. Seagulls, Joni Teler, Vonny Sumlang, the album Guruh Soekarno Putra Gilang Indonesia Gemilang, the Chrisye Percik Pesona album are a series of albums produced by Junaedi.

At the end of his life, Junaedi Salat was better known as a priest. He chose to retreat from the world of entertainment and focus on serving the people.

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