Film The Lion Opens The My French Film Festival 2021
The Lion (Photo: Click Film)

JAKARTA - The 11th My French Film Festival which will be held from January 15 to February 15, 2021. This global scale French film festival can be enjoyed virtually via the Klik Film platform. There are 100 films that can be screened during this festival.

On its first day, the world's first online festival, presents a French 2020 box office film, entitled The Lion or Le Lion. The film, which was directed by Ludovic Colbeau-Justin, has a duration of 95 minutes and was released on January 29, 2020. The film starring Dany Boon and tells the story of Leo Milan, known as Lion (Dany Lion) pretending to be crazy.

This film also received positive reviews from entertainment media in Europe and France. The cinematography of this film effectively frames the characters' actions while occasionally appearing stylish by presenting a panoramic view of the scene from barren streets to luxurious skyscraper lounges.

Dany Boon showed a flexible acting transformation. Not just a change in hairstyle, his expression expanded from a hospital patient to discovering the Lion himself. Meanwhile, Philippe is able to compensate for the madness of his colleagues through a number of negative expressions, ranging from anger, disappointment, annoyance, prejudice, to the point where the two characters meet.

The Lion frames friendship and love. The case of the burglary itself is told too simply with clichéd motivations. Conflict resolution is more difficult in the comedy aspect. Overall he is still attractive.

Enjoying French films will give you a different sensation compared to Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, and Indonesian films. French films tend to spoil the visuals with dialogues that are not too long but can still hit the heart.

Like a film, The Lion is presented with a taste that accommodates the expectations of comedy lovers. Namely, laughing, amazed, baper with love stories, and ending sweetly. The Lion is present with 99 other film titles at the My French Film Festival 2021 and can be enjoyed only with a subscription of IDR 10 thousand at Klik Film.

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