Chris Evans' Tweet Made Netizens Rowdy, Will He Play Captain America Again?
Chris Evans as Captain America (Marvel Studios)

JAKARTA - Chris Evans reportedly has the opportunity to act as Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). A rumor spread on Thursday, January 14th that Evans was set to play Steve Rogers for Marvel's latest film.

In fact, Chris Evans has ended his contract with Marvel after the Avengers: End Game movie in 2019. At that time, Captain America handed over his shield to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as a sign of the handover of power.

On one occasion, Evans also stated that he was reluctant to return to the MCU but that did not mean it was a strong refusal.

Today, January 15th, Chris Evans responded to the rumors.

"New news for me," he said in a tweet with the emoji of a man asking.

Various interesting responses emerged in response to Chris Evans' tweets. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis responded with, "Can I play your mother for each film?" those who responded agreed with Evans.

The rest, many fans have asked Chris Evans to return as Steve Rogers.

"Sign the contract and come back!" said one fan.

"Just go back to the MCU. Anthony Mackie could play Captain America and Chris Evans to be Steve Rogers, ”wrote other fans.

It is not yet known whether this rumor is true or not, Marvel is reluctant to respond to the issue that is currently being discussed.

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