Foo Fighters Add 'Dose' Of Medicine At Midnight On Dave Grohl's Birthday
Foo Fighters (Twitter @foofighters)

JAKARTA - Dave Grohl has his 52nd birthday on January 14 yesterday. On that occasion, the frontman of the rock band Foo Fighters gave a special gift to fans.

Foo Fighters released the song Waiting On A War, the third single from their upcoming album Medicine At Midnight. This is an extra dose of the tenth album, after the funky Shame Shame and the recently released No Son Of Mine.

According to Grohl's statement on Instagram Foo Fighters, this ballad song was inspired by Grohl's memories of growing up in the 1980s amid the ever-present threat of nuclear war.

"As a kid growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC, I was always afraid of war," said Grohl.

"I had nightmares of missiles in the sky and soldiers in my backyard, most likely due to political tensions in the early 1980s and my closeness to the Nation's Capitol. My youth was spent under a dark cloud of a hopeless future," Grohl recalls. .

The former Nirvana drummer continued. Last fall, when he was driving his daughter to school, the princess turned to him and asked, 'Father, will there be war?'

"It broke my heart when I realized that he is now living under the same dark cloud I felt 40 years ago," explained Grohl.

"I wrote Waiting On A War that day," he added.

This song was written by Grohl for his daughter, Harper, who deserves a future, as every child around the world hopes.

Meanwhile, the Medicine At Midnight album will be released on February 5 via Roswell Records / RCA Records. Nine songs were prepared with a total duration of 37 minutes. The album was produced by Foo Fighters with Greg Kurstin.

The following is the composition of the songs in Medicine At Midnight:

01. Making A Fire

02. Shame Shame

03. Cloudspotter

04. Waiting On A War

05. Medicine At Midnight

06. No Son Of Mine

07. Holding Poison

08. Chasing Birds

09. Love Dies Young

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