Inspired By Underwater Fantasy, Versace Introduces La Medusa Handbag
Ilustrasi La Medusa handbag feat. Kendall Jenner (Versace)

JAKARTA - Through its official account, Versace has begun introducing Versacepolis for the Spring / Summer 2021 runaway.

Embraced star models include Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Precious Lee, Mona Touguaard and Mica Argañaraz. The star model was photographed by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Not to forget, stylist by Jacob K and creative direction from Ferdinando Verderi. Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni and hairstylist Paul Hanlon. What's behind one of Versace's handbag products, La Medusa?

As reported by DSCENE, Donatella Versace wants to portray modern Medusa through this campaign. He wanted to highlight Medusa, who has many faces. The many faces of Medusa, continued Versace, depict women.

“Every woman can become a Medusa. All of us, with our differences and unique characteristics, we can express ourselves also through the way we choose our clothes. The same is true for me, of course. We live in a world where gender differences are no longer important and we have been given a kind of freedom that has never been seen before, ”said Donatella Versace.

Medusa controlled Versacepolis departs from an underwater fantasy. The natural beauty inside is represented in the latest handbag from the La Medusa brand. Each series features a Medusa's head plaque. This plaque is also installed at Versace's headquarters in Milan.

ilustrasi versace
Illustration of the Versacepolis La Medusa handbag (Versace)

Mert and Marcus as photographers have a handle in directing the camera. Among other things, about the strength, confidence and seduction that became the spirit of the photos.

ilustrasi versace
Illustration of the Versacepolis La Medusa handbag (Versace)

Precious Lee, his new campaign debut at SS21 Versacepolis wore a Trésor de la Mer patterned dress and carried a DV blue La Medusa handbag.

Other models such as Kendall Jenner, Mona Tougaard, and Hailey Baldwin will carry handbags, exuding strength and confidence.

ilustrasi versace
Illustrations of the Versacepolis La Medusa handbag (Versace)

On its official website, Versace briefly explains that Medusa is the main inspiration. These figures represent strength, confidence and unique beauty.

There are various colors of La Medusa handbags, from bright blue to dark red and light purple. Fresh and modern colors were chosen to represent the underwater concept and Medusa's many faces.

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