Wellness Traveling Increases In Demand After Pandemic Curbs, Interested?
Ilustrasi wellness traveling (Unsplash/Denys Nevozhai)

JAKARTA - Based on research conducted in 48 countries by the Wellness Tourism Association, it is found that 78 percent of people plan wellness holidays.

In the research report, it was reported that after the restrictions were lifted, fitness travel was an option to cure stress during the pandemic.

Recently, a survey in the UK also found a 10 percent increase in wellness traveling consumers compared to before the pandemic.

Half of the respondents said they wanted to take a break to cope with the mental stress associated with the pandemic. Most of them have a priority to recharge, rest, and stay away from the noise of Covid-19.

What is the concept of traveling based on physical and mental health and getting closer to nature to achieve this wellness?

Wellness traveling is a holiday activity that is oriented towards maintaining physical and mental health.

This concept is not new, because several activities to get closer to nature have been carried out for hundreds of years with the aim of achieving wellness.

Wellness is concerned with restoring taste to remain normal, humane and mindful. The effect is quite large for physical health, because mental health is closely related to physical health, right?

In another study, the increase in interest in wellness traveling is in line with the spread of one-stop destinations. This is because many people are lazy to reserve various kinds of tickets to enter one destination to the next destination.

There is also the spread of environmental issues globally, which in the end many people choose one destination but can feel various sensations.

The concept of wellness itself changes the industry, including the food industry, housing to traveling.

The origins of wellness itself, citing the Global Wellness Institute are understood with Ayurveda in 3,000 to 1,500 BC. It is a holistic system recorded in the Vedas, whose purpose is to create harmony between body, mind and soul.

In its best known scope, the practice of yoga and meditation is a representation of the concept of wellness.

Traditional Chinese medicine also recognizes the concept of wellness, which is influenced by Taoism and Buddhism. The holistic perspective applies the achievement of well-being and health so as to create a harmonious life.

In the traditions of the era of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, they also recognize the concept of wellness. Until the 19th century, the medical movement and new intellectuals were exploring spiritual philosophy in medical practice.

Continued into the 20th century, so-called 'the father of the fitness movement' like Dr. John Travis, Don Ardell, Dr. Bill Hetter creates a comprehensive health model.

From the development of the aforementioned concepts, developments in various industries - including the traveling industry, have the goal of harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Interested in taking a wellness trip after the restrictions are over?

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