The Sensation Of Living A Samurai Style In Wanoi Kakunodate, Japan
Wanoi Kakonudate (Photo: Doc. Familio Folkloro)

JAKARTA - Usually, if you want to see firsthand Japanese samurai swords and tools in the past, you will be invited to visit a museum of ancient objects.

But there is one interesting thing in the area of Akita Prefecture, Japan where historical collections of samurai are not only displayed in museums, but also displayed inside the hotel.

Yes, this unique hotel is called Wanoi Kakunodate. Wanoi Kakunodate is not only a storage area for collections of samurai objects, but in the past it was a warehouse for swords and armor in the samurai era. But over time, the warehouse was restored to become a hotel.

The hotel is divided into three private areas according to its designation in the past, namely Nishinomiyake Bushigura, Nishinomiyake Gakkogura, and Tanmonogura.

The Middle Room of Wanoi Kakunodate (Photo: Doc. Kukan Design)

Nishinomiyake itself refers to the Nishinomiya samurai clan that used to control the area and the building. If interpreted, Bushigura is a warehouse for soldiers, Gakkogura is a food warehouse, and Tanmonogura is a warehouse for clothes.

Each 'warehouse' has its own uniqueness. Bushigura, for example. This room still retains the use of thick, heavy and dark wooden doors which contain tools for low-caste samurai.

The heavy doors are still used to add to the old impression. But a more modern wooden sliding door is provided for practical reasons.

The main living room is decorated with a fireplace that is placed in the middle of the room. Apart from that, there were also giant curtains on the walls. These curtains were used during the war in the samurai era.

In addition, all the features and ornaments of this hotel are of historical importance. Usually, the hotel clerk will explain in detail the unique story behind the furniture.

Because each warehouse is used as a place to stay and only three units are available, renting a room at Wanoi Kakunodate is quite difficult. You are required to make a room reservation at least a month before visiting.

However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Wanoi Kakunodate has become quieter than usual. In implementing health protocols, every building at Wanoi Kakunodate will be an exclusive place for guests staying.

The hotel staff only appears when you are about to check-in, check-out, and breakfast time.

For information, the cost of staying at the Wanoi Kakunodate hotel is set at around IDR 4 million per night.

If you intend to visit it after the Covid-19 case starts to slope, then you can prepare savings from now so that you can take a longer Wanoi Kakunodate staycation time.

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