Ray Fisher Confirms His Name Removed From The Flash Movie
Ray Fisher (Instagram @ray8fisher)

JAKARTA - The battle between actor Ray Fisher and the President of DC Films, Walter Hamada is still continuing. The latest news says Ray Fisher was removed from the list of The Flash players.

This news was predicted after Fisher said last year that he would not work under the film production of Hamada as President of DC Films.

Through his Twitter account, Fisher wrote a long statement about the news. “I have received official confirmation that Warner Bros Pictures removed me from The Flash player. I disagree with their decision, but this is one that is not surprising, "he said today, Thursday, January 14.

According to him, DC deliberately did this because Hamada covered the issue with the head of DC Films, Geoff Johns with Jon Berg and director Joss Whedon over their discrimination case. In addition, this is Hamada's way of closing the investigation process for shooting Justice League.

Ray Fisher claims that the investigation process succeeded in exposing acts of discrimination and racism by DC officials. But until now, no official results have been provided by WarnerMedia.

In mid-2020, Fisher told of the discriminatory practices that director Joss Whedon committed against him while filming Justice League. However, instead of getting a defense, Fisher was 'silenced' by DC Films.

In November 2020, WarnerMedia said it had made efforts to fix the problem. However, there is no more complete information about it.

The 33-year-old actor also revealed that he will not work in a production that is still being shaded by Walter Hamada.

So far, WarnerMedia and DC Films have not responded to the statement that Ray Fisher was removed from the list of players in The Flash movie.

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