Don't Underestimate It! These 5 Activities Are Trivial, But Have Positive Benefits
Illustration of trivial activity (Unsplash / Samuele Giglio)

JAKARTA - Activities when you are in a dark state, for example chewing gum or tapping on the table with your fingers, are not as trivial as imagined.

Based on scientific research, this trivial activity has a positive effect when carried out.

What are some minor activities that have positive benefits for mental and physical health?

Chew gum
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Illustration of chewing gum (Unsplash / Thought Catalog)

Chewing gum may only be done after lunch at the office. The reason is very well known in general, namely to freshen the smell of the mouth.

Launching from SelectHealth, there are several benefits of this activity that is considered trivial.

First, it has been researched by the University of Liverpool. That chewing gum reduces appetite. The average gum chewer consumed 36 fewer calories than non-chewing gum.

The American Dental Association also found that chewing gum can prevent cavities.

Professor Andrew Sholey found that forgetfulness got a 35 percent increase in memory by chewing gum. But be careful, chewing too long can actually shorten memory.

Not to mention the number of studies that have found that chewing gum can cure migraines, make you relax, and tighten the chinbone.

What a mess
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Illustration of messy room (Unsplash / Devon Janse van Rensburg)

Even though messy conditions don't look aesthetically pleasing, creativity is hidden there. Research conducted by Kathleen Vons and colleagues from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, the result is that people who are in messy rooms generate creative ideas.

Another study from the American Psychological Association shows that people in cluttered rooms can find neat solutions that can be presented more creatively.

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Mouth illustration (Unsplash / Erich Muhr)

Frequent heartburn even though you have eaten regularly and on the right menu? Try to find a way to burp. It might be considered rude to burp in front of a crowd. However, belching is the activity of expelling useless gas from the stomach. This helps improve stomach health.

Play the game
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Illustration of playing the game (Unsplash / Screen Post)

If you often steal time to play games, you are not wrong. Playing games makes a person accustomed to quickly making correct decisions. Especially playing strategy and puzzle games that can improve brain power.

However, playing too many games based on scientific articles found in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, mostly had negative effects.

That is, managing time including that allocated for playing games is an important thing that needs to be done.

Move fingers
aktivitas sepele
Hand finger illustration (Unsplash / Shali)

Doing small movements will improve body circulation. Especially the fingers that are often missed or are considered the next number after the feet and neck. Small movements can also produce the happy hormone. What is usually done without realizing it when feeling anxious needs to be aware of its benefits.

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