Tilda Swinton: Very Clearly, I'm Queer
Tilda Swinton (Instagram @tildaswintonislove)

JAKARTA - The legendary actor Tilda Swinton reveals that she always feels like a queer and is surrounded by a close, creative, and queer family.

In an interview for the February issue of British Vogue, Swinton discussed who formed his creative circle, which he described as a "queer circus".

After describing her "beautiful relationship" with the late queer fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, and her close friendship with late LGBT + director Derek Jarman, Swinton revealed that she also considers herself queer.

"It's very clear that I'm actually a queer, for me, it has to do with sensibility," he said.

“I've always felt myself queer - I was just looking for my queer circus, and I found it. And after finding it, that's my world.

"Now I have a family with Wes Anderson, I have a family with Bong Joon-ho, I have a family with Jim Jarmusch, I have a family with Luca Guadagnino, with Lynne Ramsay, with Joanna Hogg."

Swinton has often played gender-related roles in several films. He played male and female in the 1992 film Orlando, and played the androgynous angel Gabriel in the 2005 horror Constantine.

When discussing gender in 2009, she said: "My idea about identity is that I don't think it really exists."

"I've been examining this idea laterally since playing Orlando and other works I have created, when I played with the idea of gender transformative ... The whole idea of transformation is at the heart of what I am passionate about as a performer and at least through the idea of gender. very personal.

"I can quite emphatically say it like Orlando did in the film: Yes, I might be a girl."

She added: “I don't know if I can really say I'm a woman - I was kind of a man for a long time. I don't know, who knows? It's changing. "

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