Demi Lovato Nearly Overdose Story In YouTube Documentary Dancing With The Deal
Demi Lovato (Instagram @ddlovato)

JAKARTA - Singer Demi Lovato will talk about her difficulties in dealing with drug addiction and almost overdosing on a YouTube documentary series titled Dancing With The Deal.

This documentary series consisting of two episodes will air starting March 23. Lovato also shared this news through his social media.

“Two years have passed since I faced the darkest period of my life, and now I am ready to share my story with the world. "For the first time, you can watch the struggle and the recovery process from my point of view," said the singer of Heart Attack quoted by the Daily Mail today, January 14.

Demi Lovato also expressed her gratitude to the family and fans who supported her steps. "I am excited to share this story with you after keeping it hidden for two years," he said.

In 2018, Demi Lovato was rushed to hospital after an opioid overdose in the middle of the Tell Me You Love Me world tour. He received emergency treatment after being found unconscious.

Several months after the incident, Demi Lovato released the song Sober in which the lyrics stated that her addiction had returned and she hopes to recover completely.

In addition, Demi Lovato is currently producing a new album whose release date is not yet known.

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