Tips For Relieving Anxiety In The Uncertainty Of Life
Anxiety (Pete Linforth - Pixabay)

JAKARTA - It's no secret that we live in the midst of uncertainty. This can be anything, including pandemic conditions, environmental issues, politics, health, career, finances, family, relationships and personal conflicts.

Neither one knew all the things that was going to happen next. Even though you have planned, there is still a possibility that obstacles will occur later.

This condition often makes people anxious. You may worry about the future until your heart beats faster, your hands sweat when faced with an unwanted situation.

In the end, you carry a thought burden that is too heavy to cause stress.

Any surprise that happens in life can have two different responses, be fun or make life more difficult. However, no matter what, you have to move on to deal with it well.

If you experience anxiety, immediately deal with it in a positive way. This needs to be done so that the heart and mind feel more relieved during the day.

Here are the best ways to deal with everyday anxiety:

Just breathe

When things are worrying you, take deep breaths to help provide a sense of security. Position the body as comfortable as possible, can lie down or sit back. Exhale deeply and repeat for about 10-15 minutes.


Write down anything that makes you anxious. Assume that you are telling the story of the most trustworthy person. Write down all the feelings you feel until you really feel relieved.

Although it may seem trivial, writing is a therapy that helps anxiety. Do this habit regularly, for example every morning or before bed.

Live up to values

Anxiety can intensify when you start comparing yourself to others and want to live your life like everyone else. Though, it is important to know what you personally want.

You may find other people's lives more enjoyable in many ways. In fact, all you really need is free time with loved ones, engaging in positive activities, and having a job that you love.

Do what you really care about and bring peace to your life. Get rid of the things you don't like as much as possible and start focusing on what you love.

Practices like this will contribute to mental health and can ultimately help relieve anxiety.


To relieve everyday anxiety, you may need regular relaxation. Take time for relaxation however you like.

This could be relaxing while watching your favorite movie after work, cooking delicious food, taking a warm bath, meditation while lighting an aromatherapy candle, yoga, reading a book, listening to music, or just lying down and taking a break when you feel tired.

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