Recovering From COVID-19, Following Is The Chronology Of The Death Of Sheikh Ali Jaber
Ulama Syekh Ali Jaber (PHOTO: IG @ yogyakarta.sikhalijaber)

JAKARTA - At the end of 2020, Syekh Ali Jaber reported that he was infected with COVID-19. After improving and being declared negative for Covid-19, Sheikh Ali Jaber died on Thursday, January 14, 2021. The day before Sheikh Ali's departure, Uztad Yusuf Mansur had received news that he was critical.

"Last night the doctor was told, Ustad Ali was critical, I spread it to the kyai, clerics, to friends. AA Gym, gus all over Indonesia, Sheikh Ali is critical, ask for his prayers. his country for Indonesia, "said Yusuf Mansur, sobbing as reported by his personal Instagram, @yusufmansurnew, Thursday, January 14, 2021.

Ustaz Yusuf Mansur said the cleric had not died because of COVID-19. However, there are several other histories of Syekh Ali Jaber. "Covid was originally and there were comorbidities, lungs. But he died negative for COVID-19," said Ustaz Yusuf Mansur.

"Innalillahi wa innalillahi rojiun. Hopefully, God willing, Syekh Ali is sahid," said Yusuf Mansur.

The Syekh Ali Jaber Foundation also confirmed the sad news through the Instagram account @ y Yayasan.sikhalijaber. "Our teacher has passed away, SYEKH ALI JABER (Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber) at Yarsi Hospital. him. May all his pious deeds be accepted. Pray for Sheikh Ali yes, "wrote the account.

Before he died, Sheikh Ali Jaber had said that if he died later, he wanted to be buried in Lombok. "Oh Allah, even though I chose, I begged to die in Medina. If I am determined to die in Indonesia, I beg you to be buried in Lombok," said Sheikh Ali Jaber in his speech, "he was quoted as saying on the YouTube channel Sasak Update TV entitled" SYEH ALIJABER KENA COVID || VIDIO BURN ME ON THE ISLAND OF LOMBOK ".

Until now there has been no further news about the plans for Sheikh Ali Jaber's funeral. However, Ustad Yusuf Mansyur invited the public to pray for and carry out the goib prayers for Sheikh Ali Jaber.

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