Searching 2 Will Be Worked On Soon, Will Tell A Completely New Story
Poster film Searching (Sony Pictures)

JAKARTA - Today, Thursday, January 14, the Stage 6 Films production house confirmed that a sequel to the film Searching will be released in 2018.

This time, Aneesh Chaganty - who directed the first film - will act as producer. Together with Natalie Qasabian, Sev Ohanian, Adam Sidman and Timur Bekmambetov, they will start filming in the spring.

Citing Deadline on the same day, synopsis of Searching 2 is still a secret. But this story will have a new character and background. They did not continue the first Searching story where the point of view was taken from a computer screen.

Searching tells of a father named David Kim (John Cho) who opens his daughter Margot (Michelle La) 's computer to find out her son's activities.

"With limited visual parameters, the film Searching 2 will present fresh visuals and separate from the original version," said Chaganty.

At that time, Searching was produced under the Screenlife production house with a minimal budget. But managed to reap a high enough profit.

Searching managed to get 75 million US dollars, exceeding its budget of less than 1 million US dollars.

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