The Duet Of Reza Rahadian And Acha Septriasa In The Layla Majnun Film Airs On Netflix
The poster Layla Majnun (Instagram @laylamajnunfilm)

JAKARTA - It has been a long time waiting for the Layla Majnun film to air via the Netflix streaming service on 11 February.

As the title implies, Layla Majnun is adapted from a legendary story of the same title which tells of a blossoming love that is hindered by tradition. Directed by Monty Tiwa, Layla Majnun brought together actor Reza Rahadian and actress Acha Septriasa.

A trailer was released on January 14th. Layla Majnun tells the story of Layla (Acha Septriasa), an independent and highly educated religious woman who falls in love with Samir (Reza Rahadian), a smart and romantic man from Azerbaijan.

However, Layla is caught in an arranged marriage with a man named Ibnu (Baim Wong). Layla also has to choose to marry a loved one or with Samir.

Layla Majnun film was shot in Jakarta and Azerbaijan. Apart from Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa and Baim Wong, this film stars Uli Herdinansyah, Dian Nitami, Landung Simatupang, Beby Tsabina, August Melasz, and Natasha Rizki.

The duet of Reza and Acha is undeniably good chemistry. Layla Majnun became their newest duet after the two starred in Strawberry Surprise and Test Pack: You're My Baby.

Watch the Layla Majnun trailer below.

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