Tips For Designing A Narrow Bedroom So That It Looks Spacious
Bedroom Illustration (Medhat Ayad-Pexels)

JAKARTA - The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that should be made as comfortable as possible so that the occupants can rest quietly and freely do all their personal activities.

Unfortunately, not all home owners have a large bedroom space. If you are one of them, here VOI has summarized several ways to design a narrow bedroom to make it look spacious and comfortable.

Choose multifunctional furniture
Multifunctional Furniture (Ulrike Häßler / Pexels)

The choice of furniture is an important point in designing a narrow bedroom to make it look wider. So that the use of the room can be maximized, you should choose furniture that is multifunctional.

You can use the bed frame as well as storage space. That way, there is no need to use a cabinet to store things.

If you still need storage space, take advantage of the ceiling of the house to store lots of items. Don't forget to add a portable ladder that makes easy access between the room and the ceiling.

Set good lighting
Good Light Illustrations (Burst / Pexels)

Good lighting also determines the design of a narrow room to look wider. The afternoon sun can make a bedroom feel more spacious and look fresh. For that, make sure there is nothing blocking the way of sunlight into the room.

In addition, you can take advantage of lighting from lamps. So that the bedroom ceiling looks higher, make lighting from the bottom up. Choose a lamp with a white light color. Determining the right lamp wattage can also affect the feel of the bedroom.

Add mezzanine
Mezzanine (Aaron Huber / Unsplash)

Want to have additional space in a narrow bedroom? No problem. You can add a mezzanine to the interior of the room. A mezzanine is an additional floor in a room.

You can make this mezzanine a resting area by adding a spring bed or a private lounge under the mezzanine. Choose furniture such as a TV or a small lounge chair to leave room for movement in the bedroom.

Add a mirror so that the room looks more spacious
Mirror (Nugroho Wahyu / Pexels)

To make it look spacious, you can outsmart the bedroom by placing a mirror. The reason is, the mirror can reflect light and create an optical illusion in the room.

You can hang one or more mirrors on a plain bedroom wall, choose a wardrobe equipped with mirrors, or put a full body mirror.

Choose an appropriate wall paint color
Pastel Colored Walls (Karolina Grabowska / Pexels)

How to design a narrow bedroom to make it look spacious can be by choosing the right wall paint color. You can choose a light paint color like white or pastel. You can also apply matching colors to furniture and bed linen.

In order not to be monotonous, you can add other colors as accents, for example, placing ornamental plants on a small table.

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