Def Leppard Launches First Online Museum, Vault
Def Leppard (Instagram @defleppard)

JAKARTA - The legendary rock band Def Leppard launched Def Leppard Vault, an online archive they call "the first digital rock'n'roll museum". The museum features never-before-seen photos, products, videos, audio commentary, interviews and merchandise.

A statement by a Def Leppard representative reads, "The band will personally continue to curate and regularly update the purpose of this online museum as a link to their past, present and future."

"After months of digging through our personal rock and roll cabinets, we present our history! This historic dome we will continue to update with the addition of some gems that you have never heard of or seen!" Joe Elliott added that he was quoted by Loudersound, Thursday, January 14.

"We are very honored to be trusted by the band to help them discover, curate and present their vast history to fans in this new digital environment," said Brad Mindich of Inveniem, the Los Angeles-based technology and archives company behind Vault.

Mindich continues: "Def Leppard's story and artifacts are extraordinary, and their desire to create Def Leppard Vault so they can share their legacy directly with fans reinforces why they have had such an impact on music and culture for over four decades."

"And the interesting part is that what fans will see from today is only the beginning. There is much more to discover from bands and fans that will be added to Def Leppard Vault over the months and years to come."

Among the collections that have been added to the Vault is "On The Road", which highlights photos, historical instruments, backstage tickets, and itineraries, while "Jacket Required" features stage outfits from the band's collection.

“All I've Got Is a Photograph” features promotional photography and pictures, and song after song celebrating the 25th anniversary of their greatest hits album Vault is complemented by audio and video commentary from all the band members.

Items currently available for sale in the Vault merchandise section range from replica local crew shirts for $ 24.95 to RIAA certified multi-platinum sales awards for Vault and Hysteria for $ 285.

If you wish to visit Def Leppard Vault, please register here.

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