Confused To Find A Bukber Place In Jakarta? This Syahdu And Exciting Restaurant Can Be An Option
The breaking of fast together in Jakarta, Talaga Sampireun (Instagram/@telagasampireun)

YOGYAKARTA - Breaking the fast with those closest to you is a mandatory agenda in the month of Ramadan. Breaking the fast together is a moment to increase intimacy with your family or closest people. Choosing a proper or suitable common place is certainly not easy. For those of you who live in the capital, there are a number of places to break the fast together in Jakarta that you can make a choice.

Various metropolitan cities, in Jakarta, there are many places to eat that are always crowded during Ramadan. There are various restaurants or restaurants that have always been a reference for enjoying opening with friends and family. Each restaurant offers special food or dishes and various facilities.

To choose the right restaurant to break the fast of Ramadan together, make sure you see the menu and facilities first. So which places to break the fast together in Jakarta are suitable for visits?

There are various places for breaking the fast together in Jakarta that you can choose from different dishes, ranging from western culinary, Korean food, Middle Eastern dishes, Javanese dishes, Sundanese food, and so on. You can choose a restaurant according to the dish you want to eat.

The following are recommendations for iftar places in Jakarta that are suitable for crowds with family or friends.

If you want to eat Middle Eastern-style dishes to open together, Abunawas Restaurant can be the right choice. This Middle Eastern-style restaurant offers a variety of typical Saudi Arabian food menus. Here, you can feel the opening moment feeling like you are in Arabia.

Abunawas Restaurant is located on Jalan Kemang Utara, South Jakarta. Some of the mainstay menus that you need to taste include Lahm Mugalgal, Samak-Mashwi, Kebab Dajaj, and so on.

Restaurants with the concept of all you can eat are currently popular and popular in Indonesia. One of the all you can eat restaurants that you can visit for bukber with a brake or family is Shabu Ghin. This restaurant is located on Wolter Monginsidi Street, Petogogan, South Jakarta.

All you can eat restaurants are the most suitable to be used as a crowded place. It is guaranteed that you and your family or friends will be satisfied when eating iftar at a restaurant all you can eat because they can choose various dishes in their spare portions. In this restaurant, there are various foods offered ranging from shabu-shabu, dessert, to takjil.

Beautika can be a restaurant choice for those of you who want tobukber by eating local culinary. This restaurant is located on Jalan Hang Lekir, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This Manado restaurant is indeed very famous because it has been established since 1997. Beatika has even opened 3 branches in Jakarta.

At Beautika restaurant, you can enjoy various typical Manado culinary delights. Favorite dishes served in this restaurant include Manado porridge, skipjack noodles, yellow rice, ice beans, and gohu.

Another local dish restaurant that is suitable to open together is the Culinary Roemah. In this restaurant, you can order various local culinary delights such as Lamongan chicken soup, cendol, dead soup, salt, and others.

The Culinary Roemah is located on Jalan Pegangsaan Timur, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This restaurant is in the same complex as the XXI Metropole cinema. So you can stop by to watch the cinema to wait for breaking the fast or after breaking the fast.

If you want to eat the iftar menu with overseas culinary, try visiting Sana Sini Restaurant. This restaurant provides various European and Asian menus. The restaurant, which is located in Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia, has a buffer concept, so you will experience a comfortable and exciting experience of bukber. Various culinary delights that you need to try in this restaurant, includingGSimi,villary, pasta, bread, and dim sum.

Want to break up in a Middle Eastern-style restaurant, then you must come to Al Nafoura Lebanese Restaurant. This restaurant offers a variety of typical Lebanese dishes cooked by a reliable chef. Here, you will enjoy iftar with the concept of a bubble. This restaurant is located at the Lobby Hotel Le Meridien.

For those of you who like a traditional restaurant with a traditional concept, try coming to Smarapura Traditional Resto. This restaurant serves an authentic Balinese dish. One of the mainstay menus is chicken betutu with delicious spices. This restaurant is designed with Balinese decorations so that it will make your bukber moments even more memorable.

Talaga Sampireun serves a local dish of West Java. This restaurant is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Here, you can eat iftar with a solemn atmosphere because the place to eat has a saung concept in the pool.

Various typical West Java culinary delights served in Talaga Sampireun, including pletok chicken, gejrot tofu, fried goldfish, burning spice titin, and many others. In this restaurant, you will feel a romantic feel of breaking over the league.

Those are some recommendations for iftar places together in Jakarta that you can make an option. How have you determined a suitable place for an open location with family or close friends? Don't forget to come to the restaurant early so that it's not full or run out of tables.

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