Ra Mi Ran - Lee Do Hyun's Acting In The Emotional Teaser Drama The Good Bad Mother
Ra Mi Ran - Lee Do Hyun (Netflix)

Long awaited, The Good Bad Mother presents their first teaser. Today, Thursday, March 23, JTBC launched the first teaser featuring Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun.

The Good Bad Mother tells the story of a woman who returns to being a mother after her adult child suddenly turns into a teenager. Jin Young Soon is played by Ra Mi Ran, while Lee Do Hyun is his son, Choi Kang Ho.

Young Soon had to guide his son, Kang Ho, who had amnesia due to an incident and made him return to childhood.

The trailer begins with a narrative of a child in a suburb. Someone says, "One day, there is a woman named Young Soon who comes to Jowoori village."

Young Soon kemudian hamil dan menyambut anaknya yang diberi nama Choi Kang Ho. Ia bernama anak ini menjadi seorang yang kuat dan agile. Namun adegan berubah menjadi masa sekarang, Kang Ho malah membuat Young Soon menjadi bad mom'.

If you work as a prosecutor, no one demeans you. Why let someone destroy your life? " asked Ra Mi Ran in the teaser. Lee Do Hyun replied, 'My life? Since when did I have a life?'

In the next scene, Kang Ho succeeds in becoming a cold prosecutor. But the situation changed after Kang Ho lay in the hospital and Young Soon cried. This is an opportunity from heaven. The opportunity for us to start life from scratch," said Young Soon.

This drama also stars Ahn Eun Jin who plays Lee Mi Joo, Kang Ho's best friend who returns to the village due to financial problems. In addition, The Good Bad Mother is also played by Kim Sun Bin, Yoo In Soo, Jung Woong In, Choi Moo Sung, Seo Yi Sook, Kim Won Hae, Jang Won Young, Kang Mal Geum and others.

The Good Bad Mother is one of the confirmed titles airing this year. This drama is Lee Do Hyun's latest work after successfully starring in The Glory. Likewise with Ra Mi Ran who chose this drama as the second title after Cruel Intern.

Dirahkan Shim Na Yeon, The Good Bad Mother memiliki 14 episodes dan tayang mulai 26 April di Netflix.

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