Embroidering, A Fun Hobby And Can Relieve Stress
Embroidery (Anita Smith - Pixabay)

JAKARTA - Are you looking for a new hobby to add to your activities in 2021? How about trying to embroider?

At first, making embroidery by hand will be difficult and you might not think that creative to do it. However, this hobby will actually increase creativity and discipline.

When you have free time, you can start learning about embroidery techniques, patterns, and color combinations. This of course requires time and practice. The longer you try, your creativity will increase. In fact, you can make more elaborate embroidery over time.

Embroidering is also good for improving brain function. Moving the needle and thread, and concentrating on the pattern will require concentration. This activity can help the brain to keep working and always active.

The hobby of embroidering may seem like an activity for housewives and the elderly. However, it is fine for young people to have similar hobbies. Because, embroidering has tremendous therapeutic benefits.

To release tension from everyday activities and reduce anxiety and stress, embroidery is a great distraction. You can spend several hours each day finishing your embroidery project.

After all, embroidery is an inexpensive and fun hobby. So, there's nothing wrong with trying, right? In fact, if you are more serious, your embroidery work can be sold and make money.

If you are interested in trying, there are several embroidery supplies that need to be prepared:

Fabric. You will need some fabrics to form a base for embroidery. The fabric chosen can be cotton, linen, canvas, or calico. Try embroidery in several fabrics and then decide which one is most comfortable. Yarn. Of course you will need a special variety of threads for embroidery. Choose a quality one to make it easier to do embroidery and the results are tidier. For color selection, it can be adjusted to your tastes and needs. Embroidery hoop. To make the embroidery process easier, you will need a hoop of a size to choose from. The bigger the hoop, the larger the area to be embroidered. If you want to buy one in advance, it's best to choose a medium size. Needle. Types of needles are actually quite a choice of sizes. You can choose several sizes to form different embroidery. Water soluble pen. To create a pattern, you will draw the design on the fabric using a pen. However, for embroidery you should choose a water soluble puplen. So after you have finished drawing and overwriting the embroidery, the ink stains can be removed with water. There are also embroidery pens that can be used to iron out ink marks on fabrics. Scissor. Make sure you have sharp, clean scissors. The point is to cut the fabric to the size of the embroidery and make sure the threads at the ends of the fabric are neatly trimmed.

Once the supplies are available, you can learn basic embroidery techniques. To make it easier, you can learn through video tutorials such as "embroidery stitches for beginners" on Youtube. If you already understand basic embroidery, now is the time to be creative in making the shaking with the desired design.

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