Iftar Directly Drinks Ice? Be Careful With The Impact, These Are 5 Stalky Diseases
Illustration (Aiman Baser (Pexels)

YOGYAKARTA Cold or ice drinks can be a suitable thirst quencher after fasting for approximately 13 hours. Moreover, if the type of ice you drink is one that has a sweet taste, such as ice fruit, ice dog, ice dawet, and so on. However, do you know that if you break the fast, you immediately drink ice, it can have a bad impact on health?

Originally, breaking the fast immediately drank ice, not dangerous as long as what was drunk was cold water.

Meanwhile, if what you drink when breaking the fast is a fresh drink that contains a lot of sweeteners, it can trigger various health problems.

Summarized from various sources, Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the following is the impact of drinking direct ice when breaking the fast for health.

Drinking ice that contains a lot of sweeteners can result in a buildup of mucus in the throat. Especially, if done every day. This condition can cause you to have throat inflammation. Therefore, you are not advised to break the fast with fresh drinks made fromgal foam, condensed milk or other artificial taste.

Consuming fresh drinks or ice when breaking the fast, will make the stomach work more slowly. The reason is, the stomach must adjust the body's temperature to the ice temperature you drink.

In addition, a stomach that is not filled with food and drinks for approximately 13 hours will be shocked or contract when you immediately drink ice when breaking the box.

If this is still done, you have the potential to experience a bloating stomach or mules. In addition, the stomach will also feel very full.

When fasting, the body will lose fluids. Related to this, many people think that drinking ice can restore body fluids that are lost quickly.

In fact, what happens is the opposite. The hydration process or fulfillment of body fluids will take longer if you make cold or ice drinks a breaking menu. As a result, the body will become dehydrated for a longer time.

Body losses for too long will affect many things. For example, fluid and electrolyte balance, mild disorders such as dizziness, and disorders in the organs, especially if it lasts for a long time.

As mentioned above, drinking ice while breaking the fast can increase mucus production. Well, excessive mucus production can reduce the function of the body's defense system so that it is easily exposed to a disease.

Drinking ice while breaking the fast also has an effect that can cause headaches, although the level is mild.

Therefore, instead of consuming cold drinks on ice, it is better to start breaking the fast by drinking warm water.

Consumption of warm drinks when breaking the fast can maintain the perstaltic movement in the digestive tract. The perstaltic movement is the movement in the digestive tract muscles which has a wave-like shape and the mambu makes the food move further into the digestive tract.

This information about the impact of breaking the fast immediately takes ice for health. Hopefully this information can add insight to the loyal readers of VOI.ID.

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