IZ * ONE In Contract Extension Talks With CJ ENM
IZ*ONE (Twitter @official_izone)

JAKARTA - The agency CJ ENM is reportedly in discussion with the agency members of IZ * ONE regarding their contracts.

According to an Ilgan Sports report today, January 12, the contract for the Produce 48 winning group will end in April and they plan to promote until December 31, 2020.

This was due to a case of rigged voting by Produce 48 producers and the expiration of the IZ * ONE dorm contract period last year.

However, CJ ENM has not spoken to the entire agency of several IZ * ONE members.

A source from the agency IZ * ONE stated that they were discussing with agencies and artists about IZ * ONE's upcoming plans. They will remain in promotion until the contract expires and if there is a change, CJ ENM will give an official statement.

So far they are scheduled to promote as a group until April and have an initial contract.

IZ * ONE is the winning group of Mnet's competition event, Produce 48. The group made their debut in October 2018 and their contract runs for two and a half years.

In early December 2020, IZ * ONE released their fourth mini album titled One-reeler / Act IV with the main track Panorama.

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