Photo Of Nancy MOMOLAND Changing Clothes Circulating, Agency Takes Legal Action
Nancy MOMOLAND (Instagram @momoland_official)

JAKARTA - Nancy MOMOLAND experienced an unpleasant incident. An illegally taken photo of him is all over the internet.

Reportedly, the photo shows the vocalist changing clothes in the dressing room. The photo was taken by staff who helped MOMOLAND.

Today, Monday, January 11, MLD Entertainment released an official statement regarding this information. They will take legal action against the party who distributed the photo.

“Nancy is the victim of these photos. The person who should be looking after first is Nancy. We hope all of you cooperate, ”said MLD Entertainment as quoted by Herald Pop on the same day.

The agency will take legal action against the photographer and first publisher as well as the person who distributed the photo. Through the law, they will sue for articles on the spread of pornography and personal rights.

“Nancy felt hurt. We beg you. We hope that no one hurts the artist with malicious posts. "

In the future, the agency will try to protect the artist so that there is no such incident.

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