Secret Number Shows Music Video Making Process From The Latest Single 'Tap'
Secret Number (Instagram @secrrtnumber.official)
JAKARTA - Group K-Pop Secret Number has released their fifth single entitled 'Tap' some time ago. Most recently, the YouTube channel SECRET NUMBER uploaded the process of making video music (MV) Tap on Sunday, December 4 at around 16.00 WIB. In the latest behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes process released, what happened behind making the music video on the first day of filming. The six members of Secret Number, Lea, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam and Zuu seem enthusiastic. The first part that Secret Number records is the choreography they do on the roof of the building with two cars parked on their dance backgroun. After wearing a dress with different colors, the members change their clothes to something more casual for recording different scenes. In the video with a duration of 9 minutes 40 seconds, Secret Number is seen shooting music videos from noon to night. For information, the music video Tap from Secret Number which was released on November 16 has been watched 8.1 million times. The music video was also liked 283 thousand times and commented 110 thousand times. The process of making video music Tap from Secret Number can be watched in full in the following video.

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