Puspa Dewi, A Beautiful 53 Year Old Grandmother That Never Changes
Puspa Dewi (Instagram @puspadewihc)

JAKARTA - The figure of Puspa Dewi is a topic of conversation in cyberspace. Puspa Dewi's photo celebrating her child's birthday is in the spotlight. What is the reason?

Puspa Dewi is currently 53 years old. But his body was still fresh and his face barely changed.

The news about Puspa Dewi spread to the media of Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and many others. His appearance went viral and his Instagram was visited by many internet users.

Realizing this, Puspa Dewi uploaded a long article about him.

"Actually, I myself feel just an ordinary woman. Puspa Dewi (who was previously known as Mama Hadi and has now been promoted to Grandma / Grandma) is always happy because she is always what she is and is always grateful for everything God has given her, "he said in the caption he shared on December 3.

Puspa Dewi said that he had worked as a Senior Vice President and retired in 2017. Now, he is working as an entrepreneur and an influencer in Indonesia.

"I have been happy to have a healthy lifestyle since I was young, like to exercise, drink lots of water, eat vegetables and fruits, and as I get older, I keep doing this diligently."

Not grandiose, Puspa is diligent in treating facial skin and taking supplements. Nor did he perform any surgery or change anything on his face. Puspa often does sports such as dancing, basketball, aerobics, and swimming.

"I am very grateful to God, because all are His blessings ... and very happy even though I get older, I can still contribute and inspire positive things to all my friends wherever they are," he said closing the upload.

Through her Instagram account, Puspa Dewi often shares her comparison photos from the past with the present. Many netizens think that the two photos do not have much difference.

“Great tante puspa… it's like a different photo a year ago, not 27 years ago. The face doesn't change, it is even more beautiful. "

"Looks younger now for tips, Tante Puspa."

"Very cool and motivating. Stay healthy and successful, Grandma. "

That is the comment of some netizens.

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