The Governor Of Riau And His Wife Positive For COVID-19
Governor of Riau Syamsuar / HO-Diskominfotik Riau

PEKANBARU - Riau Governor Syamsuar and Misnarni's wife were confirmed positive for COVID-19. Both of them underwent treatment in the city of Pekanbaru.

Riau COVID-19 spokesperson, Dr. Indra Yovi, announced the condition of Syamsuar and his wife who are now infected with the virus. The governor and his wife undergo isolation treatment at one of the referral hospitals in Pekanbaru City.

"Their condition is both stable, meaning that their symptoms are mild. After this morning we discussed, because he has comorbidities (comorbidities) and age factors, we suggest hospitalization. So at one o'clock this afternoon we were admitted to a hospital, ”said Dr. Indra Yovi as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, December 1.

He explained that the governor and his wife were treated in the same isolation room, and a special team of doctors had been formed to treat both of them. The hope is that by being in the same room, Syamsuar and his wife can strengthen each other during their isolation.

"Indeed, in some cases of patients who are families, I suggest that they be merged, so that they can strengthen each other because in the isolation room what is concerned is the psychology. Better to have friends than yourself, "said Indra.

According to him, the chronology of the case that befell the governor began last week when several employees who worked at the governor's complex and several families of service heads experienced complaints, and were confirmed by COVID-19. =

The governor and his wife had left the city on duty, namely to Bali to meet with Minister of Tourism Wishnutama and to Jakarta to meet with Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya.

At the end of last week, the governor's wife complained that she was not feeling well, so she immediately underwent a swab test which tested positive for COVID-19. Meanwhile, after being examined Syamsuar on Saturday, November 28, the results showed negative.

However, on Monday after attending the Plenary Session at the Riau DPRD, Syamsuar admitted that he was not feeling well, so he immediately underwent a swab examination. And the results were known that on Tuesday, December 1, the Governor of Riau was also infected with the corona virus.

“COVID-19 doesn't know profession, doesn't know position. Everything is at risk, doctors, police, soldiers, prosecutors, ordinary people, sellers, traders, governors, even the President of the United States (exposed), "he said.

Indra Yovi said that so far the Governor of Riau was among the most stringent in implementing health protocols, starting from wearing masks, maintaining distance, reducing gathering and routine health checks. However, viruses are often contagious at the most unlikely of moments when humans let their guard down.

"There are some suspicions because many of the governors' programs are not related to the governor's duties, of course there are family members. Every protocol event goes well, the governor wears a mask and is at a distance. But that is what we often say, that sometimes what happens is not during the program, but at lunch time, contracting the virus, "he said.

He said the governor and his wife's close contacts are now being traced so that their health can be immediately checked. Especially for those who have direct contact during the plenary session, it is hoped that they will immediately report to the puskesmas and the local health office.

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