The Right Time To Teach Children Swimming
Swimming Learning Children (Photo: Pixabay)

JAKARTA - Swimming in children, some of whom are to train children's motor skills to increase their child's height. However, pediatricians from Hermina Kemayoran Hospital dr. Reza Fahlevi, Sp.A recommends teaching children to swim at the right time.

"Waving is included in sports or physical activity in children. So the benefits are many such as training children's motors, one of which is also taking care of children's health in general," explained Reza as quoted by ANTARA, Saturday, October 1.

"The height of the body is influenced by the general health factor of the child. That is, physical movement and others. So it can indirectly cause children to be high with regular physical activity," he added.

Not only that, Reza also explained that swimming can also train balance in children, train breathing so that it is safe for children with asthma.

"Then, children can also be cheerful by swimming. Therefore, swimming can increase the bond between children and parents. That is also important," concluded Reza.

Children under one year old are not recommended to swim in the swimming pool, dr. Reza Fahlevi, Sp.A.

However, Reza explained that in Indonesia there has been no specific recommendation regarding the right age for toddlers to swim in the swimming pool.

"But from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) it was recommended that the child swim in the pool, not a baby spa, yes, it's over 4 years old," said Reza when met in West Jakarta, Saturday.

Reza then explained that along with the development of research, many children aged one to four years drowned in the swimming pool because they could not swim. Therefore, the recommendation of the AAP was later changed.

Reza also said that for babies aged four to six months, it was recommended to take a bath in the baby spa pool. Because according to Reza, this age allows babies to lift their heads.

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