Watch Miracle Cell No. 7, Sandiaga Uno Proud To Film Indonesia Film In Hollywood
Sandiaga Uno (Puput Puji/VOI)

JAKARTA - Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno took the time to watch the film Miracle Cell No. 7 in Senayan, Saturday, October 1. Sandiaga is part of more than 5 million viewers of the film, starring Vino G Bastian.

Indonesia's film industry business has stretched again after being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for more than 2 years. In September 2022, the market share of Indonesian cinemagoers far outperformed the number of western film viewers. This phenomenon is the first in the history of Indonesian cinema.

According to data from, films that have succeeded in getting millions of viewers include KKN Penarisa Village (9,233,847), Pengabdi Setan 2 (6,390,970), Miracle In Cell No 7 (5,053,714 (still broadcast), Ngeri-ngeri Sedap (2,886,122), Ivanna (2,793,775), Wings-Apah (2,414,405), Stealing Raden Saleh (2,248,931), Ku Kira Kau Rumah (2,220,180), The Doll 3 (1,764,077) and Kuntilanak 3 (1,313,304).

With this number of viewers, creating a market share for film audiences in cinema with a percentage of 61 percent for Indonesian films, compared to 39 percent for Hollywood films.

"I want to provide support with my presence and I am very proud because this year's Indonesian film has succeeded in increasing rapidly as a whole, including Miracle Cell No.7. We are on the wing of a foreign film," said Sandiaga.

The data, he continued, shows the interest of Indonesian friends for high local content. "It's just a matter of production, supply is fulfilled so that it will grow, our film industry is more prosperous with filmmakers and film workers, and opens up business opportunities and employment opportunities. I see this is part of the ecosystem for creating 1.1 million new jobs, the locomotive of the film industry," he said.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian films made new records of the number of spectators. The government wants to provide support in order to create greater jobs.

"The pandemic has turned out to accelerate the creativity of colleagues and also the awareness of Indonesian film audiences to see how the potential for Indonesian films is not inferior to abroad. This is one that we want to pack in the new PP No. 24. This film industry will increase, more films will be produced, more job opportunities will be open," he said.

Indro Warkop who accompanied Sandiaga hoped that the support would really be realized. "This is one of the appreciations for national films because we actually fight for ourselves, national films to achieve something. With this appreciation, we are certainly more confident, more confident to be able to do for the nation and state," he explained.

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