The Uncanny Counter, Korean Drama About Capturing Satan
Poster The Uncanny Counter (OCN)

JAKARTA - OCN released a teaser for its latest Korean drama, The Uncanny Counter on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

The Uncanny Counter tells the story of catcher creatures called Counters who have supernatural powers to search for the evil aura that comes to Earth. They disguise themselves as workers in a restaurant to catch the demon.

In this two-minute teaser, the audience is introduced to the four characters working together as a team.

There are So Moon (Jo Byeong Gyu), Choo Mae Ok (Yeom Hye Ran), Ga Mo Tak (Yoo Joon Sang), and Do Ha Na (Kim Sejeong Gugudan). They have supernatural powers that can help the four of them fight the evil aura.

Judging by the teaser, it seems like the combination of mystery and comedy will make The Uncanny Counter's storyline more interesting.

The Uncanny Counter is a drama adapted from a webtoon of the same name by Jang Yi. The author also admits that he is enthusiastic about this Korean drama adaptation.

The Uncanny Counter will air starting November 28, 2020 on OCN and Netflix. Here's the teaser.

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