Weight Gain 10kg, Marshanda Admits He Was Not Strong Filming Fat Movies Who's Afraid?!
Marshanda (Spectrum Films)

JAKARTA - Five years later, Marshanda will show his acting in the latest film titled Fat Who's Afraid?! directed by Pritagita Arianegara, the woman who is familiarly called Caca has her own challenges.

In this film, Marshanda plays Moza, a novelist who hopes to have a partner like a prince. But she realized she had an appearance that was not ideal like other women.

"I need to add 10 kg not to mention the fat suit and it was really an amazing experience," said Marshanda today, Tuesday, August 16 in South Jakarta.

"The fatigue is not only physical but mental. Every 12 noon I ask for permission to come back so that I can focus on filming and dry my clothes," he explained.

In addition, Marshanda had experienced a weak condition. It is known that he was trying to escape bipolar medication while filming was underway.

"There were several of my crew friends, not just the crew, the costume team, Omara and Wafda saw that I was no longer strong and they showed their concern," he said.

"(It was) not a good day, I had a little bit but I can come back and I thank them," he said.

Even in one condition, Marshanda got a blessing because she gained weight. When he tried to lose weight, the film team did not advise Marshanda to lose weight for the sake of Fat Who's Afraid?!

"I feel supported and thank you to Ms. Prita, Ms. Cut Mini for giving me the support that I... do I deserve to be given that," said Marshanda.

Despite many challenges, Marshanda believes in the film Fat Who's Afraid?! is a fun film for all ages. Moreover, the social message and the story are very interesting.

“Sometimes we are taught the culture of having high ideals, having a wow partner, what kind of work should we do. Finding happiness is difficult but in this film, happiness is simple and it is all around us,” concluded Marshanda.

Marshanda's latest film, Fat Who's Afraid?! under the production of Spectrum Films will hit theaters from September 22, 2022.

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