The Philosophical Meaning Of The Logo Of The 77th Anniversary Of The Republic Of Indonesia Themed 'Recover Faster Rise Stronger'
Illustration of the philosophical meaning of the logo and theme of the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (Source: special)

YOGYAKARTA – Indonesia's 77th Independence Day, this year, has the big theme "Recover Faster, Rise Up Stronger". This major theme responds to the situation of the past two years which has been full of challenges and trials. Both challenges in social and economic aspects to rise from adversity and realize hope together. The COVID-19 event is experienced globally, the Republic of Indonesia is no exception.

Quoting from the Visual Identity Guidelines for 77 Years of Indonesian Independence, the visual character of the logo reflects the optimism of a nation that is dynamic, synergistic, firm, and straightforward in facing global challenges. This is an embodiment of the hope that together we will recover faster and rise stronger towards an advanced Indonesia. The philosophical meaning of the logo in the form of the number '77' is as follows:

1. Two arrows up

At the end of the second number seven, there are two arrows pointing up as a meaning of acceleration and movement. Acceleration in the context of improving Indonesia's conditions to recover faster and rise stronger.

makna filosofis logo dan tema HUT RI ke-77
Illustration of the philosophical meaning of the logo and the theme of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day (Source: special)
2. Two stairs

Two horizontal lines on the two number sevens, forming a ladder that leads up. This symbolizes the progress and development of all sectors in Indonesia.

3. The top is cut off

The top corner of the figure seven, truncated. Not without reason, this clearly symbolizes the openness of the Indonesian people in their role at the global level to move freely and actively together in the recovery of world conditions.

4. Slanted line with sharp angle

The philosophical meaning of the number seven, at the upper right end is in the form of a slash and a tapered corner. It is inspired by the pointed bamboo and the head of the Garuda Pancasila which symbolizes the spirit of the fighters to rise stronger and tougher.

5. Two curved lines

The two curved lines on the stem of the number seven symbolize the synergy between the government and the community in working together and moving side by side flexibly and dynamically towards one direction, namely towards advanced Indonesia.

6. Connecting angle

The connecting corner symbolizes Indonesia's role in the G20 forum in uniting the voices of developed countries to contribute to solving various issues and challenges facing the world.

7. Silhouette of the number 1

Between the two stems, the number seven forms the silhouette of the number 1. The silhouette symbolizes the spirit of Unity in Diversity as the motto of the great, strong, and united Indonesian nation.

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