Karina Salim Values Children's Independence Of Opinions From An Early Age
Karina Salim (Photo: IG @karinasalim)

JAKARTA - As a parent, Karina Salim applies openness in raising children. He does not want to impose his opinion on children and respects children's thoughts.

"In terms of independence, I am today, parenting today, trying to listen to children's opinions so that they are free to express their opinions," Karina said as quoted by ANTARA, Tuesday, August 16.

According to Karina, in today's era it is important to instill two-way communication parenting in children. Thus, children can practice to make their own decisions but stay on the right track.

"In the past, parents had one-way parenting, right. You have to obey, you have to follow what you want. But you don't hear from their side (children). So you want two-way parenting so that they are free to have their own opinion as long as it's fixed. We will guide you on the right path," Karina said.

To celebrate Indonesia's independence, Karina also took her child into competitions held either at school or in her home environment.

"I also introduce about 17's. I always follow my children's activities too. If not near my house, I have an organization that likes to have 17's events. So I always follow it so that my toddler is also more aware of what is 17 August that," said Karina.

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