The Reason Deddy Corbuzier Doesn't Want To Be With Sabrina Chairunnisa If He's Fat
Deddy Corbuzier (Photo: Ig @mastercorbuzier)

JAKARTA - Deddy Corbuzier and Sabrina Chairunnisa just got married. Unlike other couples who are on their honeymoon and like to say seductive words, Deddy Corbuzier bluntly revealed that he had threatened to divorce Sabrina Chairunnisa if she was obese or overweight.

"I once told my wife now. This is serious, after this I will definitely be canceled by feminists, but please it's okay. I once said to my wife, 'you are fat, obese, I'm divorced', "said Deddy Corbuzier on Marcel Radhival's YouTube channel, quoted Wednesday, August 10.

Deddy admitted that he did not want to accept himself as he was, so he tried hard to achieve success. He felt sure that even Sabrina couldn't accept him at this time if he didn't succeed. Because of that, Deddy felt it was natural not to accept Sabrina as she is.

"I'll tell you the answer. Never mind accepting you as you are, I can't just be what I am. If I accepted me as I am, you wouldn't want to be with me. As I am, I don't work, I wake up late, I'm fine. what do you do, wake up late, get money, my mother and father are rich. But it turns out there is nothing, "he explained.

Deddy Corbuzier did this for the benefit and good of them all. "So I can't accept you as you are. Both are trying their best," concluded Deddy Corbuzier.

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