Overcome The Issue Of Cheating With Arya Saloka, Amanda Manopo Shows Off A New Boyfriend
Amanda Manopo (Instagram @amandamanopo)

JAKARTA - Amanda Manopo shared photos of her new boyfriend on social media. This photo is also a way for the artist to deny being the third person in Arya Saloka's household.

Amanda Manopo is seen uploading a photo with a man whose face is covered with stickers. The sticker image reads I Love You which implies Amanda's new boyfriend.

"Who wouldn't be proud if we told them we had a partner? Everyone must be proud, just in a different way,” said Amanda Manopo, launching Intense.

Amanda Manopo and her new boyfriend (screenshot)

"I don't want to... Yes, in the end people will know, just for now I want him to feel like a human being," explained Amanda, hiding the man's figure.

This was because his new partner was not someone from the entertainment world. His girlfriend also felt sorry for what happened to Amanda Manopo.

"He feels sorry for the rumors about what happened so that this is matched. He knows. He feels sorry for the click bait you made," said Amanda Manopo.

Previously, Amanda Manopo's name was said to be the third person in the household of Arya Saloka and Princess Anne. Netizens also felt the news to be true after Arya deleted all of his personal posts.

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