Netizens Blasphemed About Rezky Aditya's Lawsuit, Wenny Ariani: What If It's Piye's Child?
Wenny Ariani (Instagram @wenny_kekey_real)

JAKARTA - It didn't take long for Wenny Ariani to respond to the results of the Tangerang Court's lawsuit. Reportedly, it was decided that Rezky Aditya was not the biological father of Wenny Ariani's child.

The trial was reportedly conducted behind closed doors and the results of the lawsuit were issued by the Tangerang Court. Wenny Ariani responded to this news through his social media.

"Since yesterday, many people have asked for news about this... This news is a hoax. The decision from the Banten High Court is the final decision that states RA is Kekey's biological father," Wenny Ariani wrote today, Monday, July 11.

"So our party is still waiting for the RA to appeal or the decision of PT Banten which is the INKRAH decision," he continued.

Wenny also suggested gossip accounts to look for the latest news material, not the old ones. He included news from the Banten High Court which stated that Rezky Aditya was the child's biological father.

"This news is updated, guys. Apart from this, there is no new news, try to look at the date which is clearly the same as the year," he said.

Netizens also enlivened Wenny's account by writing negative comments. They regretted that Wenny was shouting about uncertain news.

"It's a pity if the truth is that Kekey is not rezky's son... it's a shame that it's loud when Kekey is rezki's son, duhh," said a netizen.

"If the child is piye, sis?," Wenny answered briefly.

On May 24, the Banten High Court declared Rezky Aditya the biological father of Wenny Ariani's child. They granted Wenny's claim until Rezky's side could prove this fact.

"Based on that reason, PT Banten is of the opinion that a girl is the biological child of the appealed/defendant so that the appeal/defendant can prove otherwise," said Binsar Gultom as PT Banten.

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