5 Best Songs From Bob Tutupoly
Bob Tutupoly (screenshot)

JAKARTA - Singer Bob Tutupoly passed away on Tuesday, July 5 in the early hours of the morning. It is said that he died of a long illness.

As one of the senior musicians, Bob Tutupoly has been making music since 1965. Various hit songs have been released and are still being listened to today.

Here are five of Bob Tutupoly's best songs:


Longing is one of the hits from Bob Tutupoly. This song is the main track from the self titled album which was released in 1976. Longing was written by Yasir Syam who became a writing partner of Bob Tutupoly.

No forgiveness for you

Written by Yessy Wenas, the song Tiada Sorry Bagimu is one of the tracks from the self titled album. The melodious lyrics with narration from Bob Tutupoly in the middle of the song make this old song still a hit according to its era.


I can't help but mention Widuri as one of Bob Tutupoly's best songs. Written by Adriadie, the song Widuri is his latest release after a career in the United States. The song tells the expression of love to someone named Widuri.

High Mountain of a Thousand Promises

A Bob Tutupoly known for his singing style and poetic lyrics. Hence, he spawned many hits including the High Mountain of a Thousand Promises. This song was written by Slamet Riyadi and released in 1976.

Why No Sorry For You

Why No Sorry For You is included in Bob Tutupoly's Gold Selection album which was released in 1991. This song was written by Yessy Wenas and was sung by Yuni Shara in 1997.

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