Enhypen Appears More Intense On Album Manifesto: Day 1
K-pop boy group Enhypen (Photo: twitter.com @ENHYPEN)

JAKARTA - K-pop boy group Enhypen presented more intense music and performances through their third mini album (EP) entitled Manifesto: Day 1 on Monday, July 4. The album comes six months after Dimension: Answer, a repackaged version of their first full-length album in January 2022.

“We will show you more intense music and performances. We have also prepared ourselves for a show, Enhypen never disappoints you," said personnel Ni-ki during a media showcase in Seoul, South Korea, quoted from Yonhap on Tuesday, July 5.

Formed through the Mnet music cable TV channel audition program “I-Land” (2020), this septet debuted in November 2020 with the first EP “Border: Day One”. Since then, the group has been steadily rising and reaching the peak of selling their works.

Dimension: Dilemma's first full-length album sold 1.13 million copies in its first month of release in October and the repackaged version Dimension: Answer sold 510,000 copies.

In the previous album series Border and Dimension, this rookie group depicted the story of seven boys who gradually realized their own mission, feeling complex emotions after debuting as idols.

According to Enhypen, Manifesto: Day 1 encapsulates the story of men who decide not to live by what other people have to say anymore and try to find their own answers.

"We express our determination to live our lives according to our wishes without being influenced by the world in songs of various genres," said team leader Jungwon as quoted by ANTARA.

The new EP consists of six tracks with the lead single Future Perfect (Pass the MIC). The other five songs include Walk the Line, ParadoXXX Invasion, TFW, Shout Out, and Foreshadow.

The song "Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) is a Chicago drill hip-hop style, a relatively foreign genre in the K-pop scene. The lyrics tell the story of seven boys who call on their generation to come forward and move forward together.

As a group that debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic amid many restrictions on concerts and live performances, Enhypen hopes to perform live in front of fans on its upcoming television music program.

"Not long ago, we had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of 30,000 in Germany, and the cheers and energy were amazing. So, imagining meeting fans in person makes my heart flutter," said Ni-ki.

"We prepared well for the fans, let's look forward to our upcoming shows for this album," he added.

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