Hitting Gender Boundaries, Park Bo Gum Still Strong Carrying Women's Sling Bags
Park Bo Gum (Instagram/dispatch_style)

JAKARTA - K-drama star Park Bo-Gum during his visit to the Celine Men's Summer 2023 Fashion show as a representative from South Korea with BTS's V and Blackpink's Lisa became the attention of netizens.

Her appearance is still charming even though she seems to be wearing a Celine Triomphe sling bag which is usually used by multicolored. In the photos inside and after he got out of the private jet he was riding, the "Record of Youth" actor surprised fans.

It is a classic leather handbag that has made a comeback in recent years and is widely worn by female fashion celebrities.

The scenario is in stark contrast to what happened in the late 90s. An episode of the "Friends" series follows Joey Tribbiani and his beloved handbag, tote bag, who is teased as if the bag doesn't fit his stout hands.

"I just don't know if the world is ready for you, and your bag," complained Rachel, Joey's roommate who helped her get dressed. “Maybe there are other bags that are less controversial?”.

Observing the phenomenon of men's women's bags, this is proof that there are actually no certain limits in the use of a product.

Are bags too feminine for men, or shirts too masculine for women? It all really depends on one's preferences and character.

Bo-Gum teamed her Celine Triomphe with a loose varsity leather jacket and blue denim. Making it quite a contrast to her cute bag. Plus, Bo-Gum is definitely tall, and with the wrong styling, all the elements of this look wouldn't look perfect together.

But somehow she made her look with that feminine leather bag so charming.

Julie Ragolia, a well-known stylist who has dressed celebrities such as Riz Ahmed and LaKeith Stanfield, told the New York Times that bags are the next logical step in the pursuit of men's fashion freedom.

"Gender is an outdated notion when it comes to fashion. We are moving towards a place where taste is the real arbiter," he said.

"Women's handbags and purses offer more choices in terms of color, shape and size. There is also a simple fact about utility. If a man is carrying a few dollars and a stick of candy, it seems ridiculous that he should choose a large bag over a small bag, simply because of the difference in flooring. shop."

Men's bag trend in Indonesia

World fashion trends, including in Indonesia, continue to develop, not only for women but also for men. So now it's not surprising that even men can look stylish and trendy.

According to a press release from Hugo Torch, a local brand for men's fashion accessories made of leather, of the many types of fashion products available, one of the favorites is accessories such as handbags, belts, wallets, and handbags made of leather.

Indeed, the shape is still masculine with minimalist details, but consumers are increasingly liking it which prioritizes the superiority of materials and quality of workmanship. This means that there is already a concern for taste in fashion.

Leather accessories products have become a trend in recent years because they have their own charm both among young men and parents.

Leather is a type of material that is widely used in producing fashion items because the material is bold but can be processed so that it becomes stylish items.

"The choice of this type of material is not without reason. Fashion products made of leather are considered better and more durable," said Hugo Thorch owner Andrew Liu.

In addition, leather accessory products are also in great demand because they give a different impression.

Fashion products made of leather make users look elegant and classy.

Even fashion products made from leather have advantages such as being durable and resistant to use for a long time, especially if they are cared for properly and properly.

"Therefore, it is not surprising that fashion products made of leather are priced higher than fashion products made of other materials.

In Indonesia itself, there are now many local fashion brands that sell fashion products made from quality leather and are no less competitive with foreign brands.

Like other leather products, this fashion product from a local brand uses 100 percent grain leather made from cowhide so it has high resilience and is durable for daily activities.

The local fashion brand that has been established since 2019 guarantees the quality of its products by providing a leather warranty for 2 years, namely in the form of a new replacement if the skin peels off.

"We will continue to innovate and make developments in terms of service, production, product quality in the future so that we can continue to follow fashion trends that are always changing and developing according to the times," said Andrew.

To date, he continued, there have been more than 10,000 products that have been successfully sold to all regions in Indonesia which can be found at market shops and social media.

In conclusion, handbags are for everyone although sometimes it is not always easy for men to ignore the ridicule they may face for not being as masculine as is often expected.

Photo collage of actor Park Bo-Gum holding a Celine Triomphe sling bag during his visit to the Celine Men's Summer 2023 Fashion show in Paris, France in June 2022. (Instagram/dispatch_style)

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