Acting Debut In The Film You And Him 2, Gabriel Prince Admits That He Was Not Confident
Gabriel Prince (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Gabriel Prince admitted that he felt insecure about appearing in the film You and Dia 2. The singer from Surabaya admitted that he was nervous about his acting debut because he was not fluent in Indonesian.

"So actually the biggest challenge I faced in this film was the first I lacked confidence. Because at that time when I was given this opportunity, I felt very grateful. Only at that time the Indonesian language was still not fluent," said Prince when met at Epicentrum, South Jakarta, Thursday, July 2nd.

"So I lack confidence. That's why I said I was very grateful because the teams, all the film crew and friends, they were very supportive. And that made me more confident with that," he continued.

In You & He 2, Prince plays Bryan, who is described as a man who has an indifferent attitude. This attitude also made him judged as a 'bad boy' by anyone who saw his appearance.

But he explained, Bryan's figure in the film was not like his appearance. Prince said that his character in You and Dia 2 also has a soft side.

"Actually I'm not that badass in this film. Only if you watch this film, actually Bryan isn't as bad a boy as he seems. I don't want to be too spoiler either. But he also has his soft side," Prince said, quoted from AMONG.

On the other hand, Ivan Bandhito as the director of the film "You & Dia 2" explained that the choice of Prince as Bryan's figure was because he did not want to present a stereotypical figure. If Prince has a sweet look, Bandhito wants to give Prince a slightly 'naughty' impression in the film.

"The point is I don't like stereotypical things. That's all. Prince looks good, it's not cool if you have to be a good person. So that's why we are looking for something that is not stereotypical," said Bandhito. You and Dia 2 will be released on the Max Stream streaming platform on July 1, 2022.

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