D'Masiv And Burgerkill Will Enliven Bless This Fest Music Festival In Pontianak
Bless This Fest (Foto: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The biggest music festival in West Kalimantan, Bless This Fest will be held again this weekend in Pontianak City, after being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of musicians will appear to enliven the event, such as Nadin Amizah, D'Masiv, Burgerkill, and Vierratale.

In addition, a number of local musicians such as Coffternoon, Cabik, Circafaith, Discrush, Hijrah, Hira, Ikkateri, Keep Ourself Alive, Jerones 343, LAS!, Limous and Nefvertari, Minimal Tention, Never The Less, Parkinson, Public Noise, Take it Easy, North, Vievv, and Wai Rejected also joined.

The founder of Bless This Fest, Eko Susanto expressed his gratitude for the enthusiasm of the audience, and the support from various parties, so that this event could finally be carried out.

"After experiencing delays, we can finally hold Bless This Fest 2022 this weekend. We express our gratitude for the enthusiasm of the audience and to those who have supported us," he said as quoted by ANTARA, Saturday, July 2.

Eko hopes that Bless This Fest can revitalize the creative economy in Pontianak City, especially in the entertainment stage sector, after being slumped by the COVID-19 pandemic that hit almost the last two years.

He also reminded the audience to always take care of their bodies and apply health protocols during the event. "The audience is also expected to have undergone a complete COVID-19 vaccination. For those who are new to the first vaccine, we will prepare an antigen test, and for those who want further vaccines, including boosters, we will also prepare them at the event location," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office, Windy Prihastari, welcomed the Bless This Fest music festival.

"This is an indication that one of the creative economic sectors in West Kalimantan has revived, after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic," he said. However, Windy reminded the organizers and spectators to strictly implement the health protocols.

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