Fariz RM And Andien Collaborate With Lintang Generasi Musicians At Prambanan Jazz Festival
Prambanan Jazz Festival (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The annual Prambanan Jazz Festival (PJF) is finally back in hybrid (live and online) from the Prambanan Temple Courtyard of Yogyakarta on July 1-3, bringing collaborations from musicians across generations as the main theme of its performance.

"Alhamdulillah, the enthusiasm of the community is still very big for us to this day. All the preparations went smoothly, and we are ready to hold Prambanan Jazz starting today," said Founder of Rajawali Indonesia & CEO of Prambanan Jazz Festival, Anas Syahrul Alimi in a press statement, Friday .

After two years of PJF being held virtually, this year, the international-scale music festival is again being held by involving many spectators in it.

"Since we first announced that the Prambanan Jazz will be held by involving the audience in it, the enthusiasm from the Indonesian and foreign people has been very great," said Anas.

"Perhaps this is a manifestation of their longing for this festival, after two years earlier they could not come in person to be able to enjoy the various things that we presented at this festival," he added, quoted from ANTARA, Friday, July 1.

Therefore, "Sewindu Celebrates Rindu" is considered to be the right title to represent all the longing felt by music lovers in Indonesia.

Still with the concept of presenting two masterpieces at the same time, this eighth PJF tries to treat people's longings through the presentation of slick music from several names of Indonesian celebrities who come from various generations.

They are Andien, Pamungkas, Ardhito Pramono, Maliq & D'Essentials, Kukuh Kupeace feat Ndarboy Genk, Diskoria feat Fariz RM, Melancholic Bitch, Dere, Tulus, Sinten Remen feat Jogja Hiphop Foundation, Iskandar Widjaja feat Erik Sondhy, Kunto Aji, Padi Reborn, Sore, Fiersa Besari feat Bemandry, Mus Mujiono, Deddy Dhukun, Nania Yusuf, Everyday, Trio Lestari, Kahitna and others.

"In addition to bringing big names in this year's event, we will also showcase new talents that we discovered through the Goes to Prambanan Jazz Festival 2022 program. They are Approaching Morning, Anthesianz, Sendi Rian, Youth Smile and Rangkai," explained Anas.

In addition to presenting a slick musical presentation from the lineup of performers displayed this year, in the three-day Prambanan Jazz Festival series, there will be several things that the audience can also enjoy while watching music performances.

Some of them are Kangen Market, Ikonser Corner, Mini Stage by Eventtori, NFT Prambanan Jazz Festival and many more.

"This year we involve a commission artist to present his work. He is Galam Zulkifli. So, for the Prambanan Jazz Festival audience who come directly, they can enjoy a work in the form of 10,000 memorabilia of PJF's journey over the past week, which was made by Galam Zulkifli," explained Anas .

Representatives of the 2022 Prambanan Jazz Festival performers, Andien and Fariz RM also expressed their happiness to return to appear in this year's festival.

"The atmosphere in a show of addiction is irreplaceable, the cheers of the audience will make us very happy," said Fariz RM.

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