Delayed By A Year, Drama Dear M Airs From Today
Poster Dear M (KBS)

JAKARTA - NCT's Jaehyun's acting debut can finally be witnessed by fans through the drama Dear M. After being delayed for a year, this drama is confirmed to air starting today, Wednesday, June 29.

Dear M is a romance drama that tells the mystery behind a person named M. The figure M writes a message that shocks Seoyeon University and finds out who is behind it.

Ma Joo A (Park Hye Soo) is a student at Seoyeon who has no interest in being in a relationship. He is good friends with Cha Min Ho (Jaehyun) for 12 years.

Then there are Seo Ji Min (Roh Jeong Eui) and Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung), their best friends who have a special relationship.

On the other hand, there is Hwang Bo Young (Woo Davi) who likes to share advice about love with Ma Joo A and Seo Ji Min. Then there is Gil Mok Jin (Lee Jin Hyuk), their best friend who likes cleanliness.

The students of Seoyeon University are trying to find out who M is causing a stir at their university. The relationship between Ma Joo A and Cha Min Ho is also full of puzzles between the two.

Initially, Dear M was scheduled to air on February 26, 2021. However, at that time, news of Park Hye Soo's bullying circulated on social media. The actress denied the rumors but the drama never aired.

A year has passed, the drama Dear M has an OTT broadcast schedule. Along with this news, the word Dear M became a trending topic on social media.

Dear M drama with 12 episodes can be watched starting today, Wednesday, June 29 through the Viki streaming service.

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