Wenny Ariani Denies Rejecting DNA Test Rezky Aditya: That's What I Was Chasing From The Beginning
Wenny Ariani (screenshot)

JAKARTA - Wenny Ariani responded to Rezky Aditya's statement with his lawyer. He denied rejecting the DNA test as stated by his lawyer because that was his goal from the start.

"So at that time there was a meeting between us. From the start, I never refused a DNA test, because that was what I was after," wrote Wenny Ariani, Saturday, May 28.

However, Wenny wanted the DNA test to be carried out openly, not secretly, as Rezky Aditya wanted.

"But what I want is not a closed DNA test. I want an open DNA test, not to cover it up," explained Wenny Ariani.

The meeting that Rezky's lawyer said was true. But the lawyer said Wenny's child would be met with a DNA test and the results would be given to Wenny.

"So there really was a meeting, I justified it, but it wasn't like that. He said later I'd meet his son with Rezky and we'd do a DNA test, after that I gave the results to Wenny's mother. I don't think it's like a DNA test," he said again.

"All kinds of things must be considered, starting from the hospital that must be chosen together and both parties, both lawyers and everything must know," he continued.

Apart from that, Wenny Ariani appreciated Rezky Aditya who dared to appear in public. Different from before,

Wenny Ariani thanked Rezky Aditya for appearing and speaking to the public. He was also determined to do a DNA test openly, not according to what the lawyers had planned.

"Thank you for appearing because he should have appeared, giving an explanation of all this," concluded Wenny Ariani.

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