Concert Delightful Party /rifVersary Makes People /rif Nostalgic
Concert /rifVersary at Hard Rock Cafe (Photo: Gunawan Wibisono)

JAKARTA - /rif's 28th birthday concert which was held at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta on Wednesday night was successful in making fans nostalgic.

Like a time machine, songs like Green Song, Son, Rock N' Roll Fantasy, The Great, Dunia, Jeni, Sick, Fight, Morning Star, Flowers, I Want, Love Is, Sweet Bitter, and "Give the World a Smile" able to bring the memories of the audience to the fame of this band from Bandung in the 90s and 2000s.

Teddy and Andy /rif performing at Hard Rock Cafe (Photo: Gunawan Wibisono)

With such a catalog, plus the stage setting and lightning typical of Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, the people of /rif - as fanatical fans of /rif - are truly treated to interesting musical performances.

Moreover, the concert titled /rifVersary featured a number of bands and supporting musicians who performed as the opening act or collaborated with Andy et al.

Call it Eet Sjahranie, Iwa K, Tanayu, Getah, Ezra Simanjuntak, Moeg Moeg, Berry Manoch (St Loco), Buux Frederiksen (Turtles Jr.), Adhitya Pratama (Element), Giox (Superglad) and Caleb Silalahi.

Meanwhile, former DeadSquad drummer Andyan Gorust failed to appear due to illness. His appearance was replaced by Sisitipsi's drummer, Aditya Rahman.

Jikun performs superglam at the /rifVersary concert at Hard Rock Cafe (Photo: Gunawan Wibisono)

Hitting the stage as the closing ceremony, Andy (vocals), Jikun (guitar), Maggi (drums), Ovy (guitar) and Teddy (bass) played no less than 18 songs. They pamper the audience with hit songs that are already familiar to the ears.

Three ending songs; In the wrong department, Lo Toe Ye and Radja seemed not enough to satisfy the audience who wanted to party until the early hours of the morning. Happy birthday /rif!

Andy's action (vocals) at the /rifVersary concert at Hard Rock Cafe (Photo: Gunawan Wibisono)

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