Morning Activities That Can Help Increase Brain Activity, What?
Illustration (Tatiana Sryikova/Pexels)

JAKARTA - Doing a number of activities in the morning has benefits for your brain, one of which is increasing its ability. Plus being active in the morning also lowers stress levels and keeps you focused and ready for your day at work. What are some examples of activities you can do?


Reading is believed to help thinking. You can read through any medium, from books to online articles. Experts say these activities provide a relaxing start to your day and open your mind.


Meditation can help with concentration and attention, relieve anxiety and help with depression. This activity can also help improve brain health.

Listening to music

Let the music play around you. Try the slow one, because it has a good impact on the level of brain productivity. Experts say listening to music, especially classical, can improve a person's ability to think long term.

Challenging game

Challenge your brain to a logic based game in the morning. This activity is believed to improve brain health and improve neural connections. So try doing crosswords, Sudoku and more.

physical training

Being physically active is also very supportive of brain health. Research shows that physical exercise changes brain chemistry and has the same effect as antidepressants. This activity also helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain, as reported by the Indian Express.

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