Psychologist Says Music Can Help Understand Other People's Emotions Better
Ilustrasi (Wisley Tingey/Unsplash)

JAKARTA - There is a relationship between music and the ability to understand other people's emotions, says a study in Emoticon, a scientific journal of the American Psychological Association. The results of this study, conducted by researchers from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and the University of Oregon, provide a basis for future research into the impact of listening to music that involves social interaction on social cognitive abilities, and whether listening to music can be added to therapeutic techniques used in skills training. for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or schizophrenia.

"Empathy is most often thought of in the context of social interaction, but there are many other forms of social communication, including music," said study leader Benjamin Tabak, professor of psychology and director of the Social and Clinical Neuroscience Lab (SCN) at SMU. , Thursday 26 May.

He said, music can convey meaning and emotion as well as elicit an emotional response. But the mechanisms responsible for this emotional power are still not fully understood.

In the study, Tabak and team measured the ability to correctly understand another person's thoughts and feelings (empathic accuracy) and the degree to which a person perceives the emotions that other people are feeling (affecting sharing).

Preliminary findings find support for both hypotheses and, in particular, suggest the presence of empathic accuracy as a skill beyond interpersonal interaction into music. The researchers hope that these results will provide a foundation for future studies on the impact of active music listening on improving social cognition.

Tabak and colleagues believe their study provides tentative support for theories related to music and social behavior that are evolving to help individuals connect with others and better understand and manage their social environments.

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